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Inadequately examined risks and a changing regulatory environment slows down investment and the market launch of products developed with new nanomaterials. With our SAFENANO RiskMap you can integrate risk management in your innovation process and make it part of your business success.

The SAFENANO RiskMap is a planning and management document which supports your innovation process. It provides you with an environmental, health and safety profile to make products that are safe from R&D to full production.

SAFENANO RiskMap-overview

Your SAFENANO RiskMap allows you to:

  • Identify critical elements in your R&D, materials and production processes;
  • Identify gaps to be addressed;
  • Define the best time to implement measures;
  • Build up your risk management system step by step;
  • Integrate your EHS approach into your corporate management;
  • Be more cost effective and better for workers and the environment;
  • Make safety and health a part of your innovation plan.

The SAFENANO RiskMap starts with an initial assessment of products and business, provides regulatory, compliance and standards support, evaluate existing and identifies needed workplace assessments, supports your innovation team in product development and testing, guides the management through the development of company policies, assesses training offers and needs, and helps you in the system and facility design.

SAFENANO RiskMap-elements

The SAFENANO team also helps you apply the RiskMap in your business. We provide tailored support to implement the mapped elements and we can train your EHS team to follow the recommendations as your company and production grows into a successful and sustainable future.

Contact SAFENANO today to start your RiskMap to integrate safety and health in your business strategy.

For further information, download the RiskMap information sheet.

Did you know?

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