CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000
CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000

Hazard Assessment & Toxicology

Evaluating the Hazards with Nanomaterials and Products

Hazard Assessment _200Our knowledge and expertise of particle and fibre toxicology can provide the hazard information you need to safely develop and market materials and nanotechnology-enabled products, meeting regulatory requirements.

We support SME- and large-scale manufacturing, R&D, and downstream users of nanomaterials, offering tailored toxicity testing for product stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Our integrated approach offers:
  • Sample preparation and characterisation;
  • Customised study designs for particles and fibres;
  • Benchmarked in vitro toxicology studies for inhalation, dermal, and ingestion exposure;
  • Complementary assays for evaluating cell viability, oxidative stress and inflammation;
  • Safer-by-design screening for candidate product evaluation;
  • Biodurability assessment;
  • Optical, confocal and electron microscopy analysis of cells and tissue;
  • Support with regulatory compliance;
  • Access to ecotoxicology expertise to support environmental risk assessment.
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Did you know?

< 5 is the number of layers in few-layer graphene (FLG).