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Industrial valorization of value chains for nano products

Value4Nano_200The VALUE4NANO project aimed to develop an Implementation Roadmap of 4 value chains (VCs) and their target products. The Roadmap includes business modelling and planning for a set of pilot lines and involves strategic industry and other stakeholders. The selected value chains were:

  1. Nano and micro printing for industrial manufacturing;
  2. Nano-enabled, depollutant and self-cleaning surfaces;
  3. Manufacturing of powders made of functional alloys, ceramics and intermetallics;
  4. Lightweight multifunctional materials and composites for transportation.

Project specific objectives were:

  • Formation and activation of 4 value chain expert groups, fostering industry alliances and involving key research and innovation actors coming from clustering of European, national and regional projects on the selected value chains;
  • Development and completion of the 4 VCs leading to a gap analysis, identifying the needed technical and not technical actions to implement the VCs;
  • Release of a short-medium term Implementation Plan for the selected value chains, including a feasibility study, business modelling and planning on a possible set of pilot lines;
  • Performing roadmapping, networking and exploitation activities in a wide application-oriented network with nano relevance, linking together industry, research institutions, regional, national and international entities, investors, society, ETPs and initiatives on nano and other KETs.

IOM/SAFENANO's contribution focused on the identification of safety actions in the VCs and implementation of the roadmap.

For further information, access the Final Report Summary or contact us.

Did you know?

TiO2 is used in a range of consumer products, including sunscreens, cosmetics, and paints.