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Logos - Dec 17

Current Projects

SAFENANO are currently involved in a number of projects covering a range of technologies and industries providing knowledge and expertise regarding to the safety of nanomaterials.

Nano Text Surf _200-150

Feb 18-GRACIOUS_200-150

The H2020 NanoTextSurf project aims to upgrade existing pilot lines for manufacturing and demonstrating nanotextured surfaces with
mechanically enhanced properties based on nanoscale biomaterials.
The H2020 GRACIOUS project aims to develop a science-based framework that supports the risk assessment of nanomaterials by facilitating grouping, read-across and classification of nanomaterials.

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Nano Infoma TIX Logo - 200P150

The H2020 Gov4Nano project aims to develop the first implementation of a future-proof operational Nano Risk Governance Model (NRGM).

The H2020 NanoinformTIX project aims to develop and implement a modelling platform for NanoInformatics.

Lloyds _200 Width

The Lloyd's Register Foundation project has IOM leading activities to provide a comprehensive approach to safety and regulatory issues to explore the potential of a CNT copper composite as a current carrying wire.

Completed Projects

Please click on the logos below to find out more about our completed projects.

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CO-PILOT_100 Polygraph _100
Ultra Wire _100

Nano Master _100 Nanosynth _100 Electrograph _100
Value 4Nano _100 Nanosafepack _100 ENPRA_100 SANOWORK_100
MARINA_100 NANEX_100 Nanommune _100
ITS Nano _100

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Nano Test _100 FP6_100 Nanomicex _100

Did you know?

< 5 is the number of layers in few-layer graphene (FLG).