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Pilot Lines for Manufacturing of Nanotextured surfaces with mechanically enhanced properties

Nano Text Surf _200-150

NanoTextSurf is a three-year H2020 project which commenced on 1st November 2017.

NanoTextSurf aims to upgrade existing pilot lines for manufacturing and demonstrating nanotextured surfaces with mechanically enhanced properties based on nanoscale biomaterials. Formation of surfaces will be realised by utilising these building blocks with online application techniques (cast and foam coating and screen-printing), which enable the formation of the true nanotextured architecture.

The nanotextured products and their mechanically enhanced performance will be demonstrated as value added products of the existing and novel bio-based membranes at water purification, functional textiles for fire retardant fabrics and linings, novel friction materials for transport applications and abrasive materials for surface finishing. Besides these products, NanoTextSurf partners have recognised additional markets such as hospital textiles, industrial wipes, air purification filters and food packaging materials.

In addition to the research innovations, the project involves evaluation of economic feasibility, safety and environmental acceptability, and life cycle sustainability. The work being undertaken in the project is intended to provide robust, efficient and easily up-scalable processes with in-line controlling methods to be available as open access services with reasonable costs and exploited in existing manufacturing lines.

For further information on NanoTextSurf, please visit the project page or contact us.