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Graphene-based Thermoplastic Masterbatch Development

NanoMaster_200NanoMaster was a four year FP7 project which commenced on the 1st December 2011.

The aims of the NanoMaster project were to reduce the amount of plastic used to make a component by 50% and hence reduce the component weight by 50%, at the same time imparting electrical and thermal functionality.

This was achieved by developing the next generation of graphene-reinforced nano-intermediate that can be used in existing high-throughput plastic component production processes. Within this broad goal 5 primary objectives were set:
  1. Optimised scale up of graphene, nano-graphite and expanded graphite production
  2. Develop and scale up the polymer-nano-platelet compounding process to pilot plant level
  3. Optimise the nanocomposites in terms of nano-platelet dispersion in order to achieve the largest increase in material properties for the lowest nano-platelet loading
  4. Provide the technical and commercial feasibility of the materials and processes by producing and testing 4 large-scale case study parts
  5. Assess the health and environmental impacts of the nano-based material and processes
SAFENANO led the health and safety work package to meet objective 5, involving detailed characterisation and assessment of the potential risks presented by materials and processes developed throughout the duration of the project.

For further information on NanoMaster, please access the Final Report Summay or contact us.

Did you know?

TiO2 is used in a range of consumer products, including sunscreens, cosmetics, and paints.