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Cross-ETP coordination initiative on nanotechnology


NANOfutures is an ETIP European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform, an European multi-sectorial, cross-ETP, integrating platform with the objective of connecting and establishing cooperation and representation of all relevant Technology Platforms that require nanotechnologies in their industrial sector and products.

Nanofutures was funded under EC FP7 grant agreement number 266789 during the period 2010-2012 with the specific aims to:

  • Identify and optimise synergies between European and National Platforms, research programmes, Joint Technology Initiatives, European Research Area Networks (ERA-NETs) and other Coordination and Support Actions and research projects related to nanotechnology, in order to reduce the fragmentation of the European nanotechnology and coordinate future strategies;
  • Identify key strategic nanotechnology nodes addressing issues of cross-sectorial and nano-specific relevance for the innovation and rapid uptake of nanotechnologies in order to increase EU competitiveness;
  • Construct and disseminate and integrated Instrustrial and Research Roadmap for European Nanotechnology.
Within this remit IOM chairs the Safety Research Working Group (WG), which has the specific aim to improve knowledge concerning risks, exposure, toxicology, safety, and impact, particularly in relation to risk assessment and to contribute to promote safe, sustainable, and socially responsible nanotechnology.

The final output of the NANOfutures project was the "Integrated Research & Industrial Roadmap for European Nanotechnology", which is available to download here.

This roadmapping activity was continued through the Value4Nano project, in which the IOM/SAFENANO was also involved.

For further information on NANOfutures, please visit the project website or contact us.

Did you know?

1 second is the time resolution at which SAFENANO can characterise an aerosol emission.