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Novel Microcellular Polymer Nanocomposite Foam

NanCoreNanCore was a 4 year FP7 project, which took place between 2008 - 2012 co-ordinated by Dan Lindvang of LM Glasfiber A/S, Denmark.

The idea and rationale behind NanCore stemmed from consideration of the scientific feasibility of developing a capable nano-based substitute for core materials in sandwich structures, which addresses a significant market need of a number of strategic sectors essential to the European economy and employment base.

The principal objective of the NanCore project was to design a novel microcellular polymer nanocomposite (MPNC) foam, with mechanical properties and cost characteristics allowing for a substitution of Balsa wood and PVC foam as core material for lightweight composite sandwich structures. Besides the prospect of a significant cost decrease, the development of a new core material will help to alleviate serious market imperfections and supply problems suffered by European consumers of both PVC foam and Balsa wood.

IOM/SAFENANO's involvement in the NanCore project primarily related to determination of environmental impacts and potential health and safety risks of nanomaterials used in the composite materials being developed. More specifically, the safety issues workpackage considered exposure scenarios (based on information from manufacturers of composites, industrial users of nanofillers, and a life-cycle analysis conducted within the project), conduction of exposure measurement, toxicology & risk assessment to estimate health risks and develop control measures.

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1 second is the time resolution at which SAFENANO can characterise an aerosol emission.