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Intelligent testing strategy for engineered nanomaterials

ITSNano_200ITS-Nano (Intelligent Testing Strategy for Engineered Nanomaterials) was an FP7 project which took place between 2012-2013. The ITS-NANO concept was to:
  1. Gather targeted all scientific evidence, by literature search and communication with leading scientists,
  2. Develop an initial assessment (document) of the available knowledge and the gaps, focussed on identifying knowledge level as how to develop an intelligent approach to grouping ENMs based their properties and their subsequent biological impacts in order to intelligently design next-generation nano-safety evaluation and risk assessment strategies,
  3. Assemble stakeholders for presenting the initial assessment, having a dialogue on how this relates to their aims/needs and how to make a consent driven strategy forward that ensures communication,
  4. Revise the initial assessment document with the input from the stakeholder sent around for commenting, presenting the next draft for a smaller group for final commenting, and
  5. Publish it.
The final ITS-Nano project report can be downloaded here.

In addition, the outputs of ITS-Nano has led to publication of the following peer-reviewed paper co-authored by IOM/SAFENANO:

Stone V, Pozzi-Mucelli S, Tran L, Ashberger K, et al. 2014, "ITS-NANO - Prioritising nanosafety research to develop a stakeholder driven intelligent testing strategy," Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 11(9), 1-11.
View abstract.

Did you know?

100 nm is the size below which the EU recommendation of the definition of nanomaterials applies.