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Graphene-based Electrodes for Application in Supercapacitors

The ElectroGraph project, which took place from 2011-2014, explored the properties of graphene for the use as an electrode material along with development of a production processes for cost-efficient manufacturing of graphene – a material whose development is currently a hot topic within the nanotechnology field.

ElectroGraph’s main aim was to prove that supercapacitors based on graphene have higher energy and power density than other carbon materials, and to show that graphene-based electrodes are products of higher environmental friendliness and sustainability than other commodity products.

SAFENANO led the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) workpackage within ElectroGraph, with the aim of performing a risk assessment of exposure to particles from the production and processing of graphene. This included:

  • a review of exposure to graphene and associated substrates used in electrodes;
  • a comprehensive list of exposure scenarios in graphene production and processing;
  • exposure assessment for key scenarios identified across production, processing and recycling activities;

Using this, a basic risk assessment was undertaken identifying the safe practice and control measures for workers in the exposure scenarios considered.

For further information on ElectroGraph, access the Final Report Summary or contact us.