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DEPA: Dermal absorption of nanomaterials

Systemic Absorption of Nanomaterials via Dermal Exposure


The Danish government and the Red-Green Alliance (a.k.a. Enhedslisten) have signed an agreement called “Bedre styr på nanomaterialer” (“Better control of nanomaterials”) for four years (2012-2015) that focuses on the use of nanomaterials in products on the Danish market and their consequences on consumers and the environment. Following this, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated a series of projects with the aim of further clarifying possible risks to consumers and the environment.

As part of this series of projects, the IOM, working in collaboration with COWI A/S, undertook a literary study on the systemic absorption of nanomaterials via dermal exposure. The overall aim of the project, which took place between January - May 2013, was to gather and evaluate the existing knowledge in the area and assess the need to generate new knowledge, as well as to develop recommendations for the most suitable skin models, measurement methods and relevant candidate nanomaterials for experimental testing in the future.

This study provides a comprehensive evaluation of the knowledge base regarding the dermal absorption of nanomaterials, based on a review of the currently available scientific literature. The evaluation included:

  • assessment of the extent of dermal absorption of nanomaterials;
  • identification of nano-specific characteristics that may influence dermal absorption of nanomaterials;
  • evaluation of which test method(s) would most closely simulate the transport of nanomaterials through the skin; and
  • assessment of the specific research areas that require more knowledge.

The final project report is available to download here.

Did you know?

2018 is the REACH registration deadline for substances manufactured or imported at > 1 tonne/annum.