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Defra: Review of gaps in environmental regulation for the products & applications of nanotechnologies

Applicability of environmental legislation for nanomaterials

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The focus of this study, undertaken by the Safety of Nanomaterials Interdisciplinary Research Centre (SnIRC), was to:
  1. consider the appropriateness of existing frameworks for environmental regulation in the face of the risks posed by current and projected products and applications of nanotechnologies – with a focus on the risks posed by free nanoparticles and nanotubes; and
  2. identify measures that can be put in place to ensure adequate protection for human health and the environment, if any regulatory gaps are found.

The study identified a number of regulatory gaps, which are broadly applicable across a number of relevant legislation. Where possible, the reviewers have also suggested a way forward to fill the regulatory gaps

The final report is available for download here.  
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< 5 is the number of layers in few-layer graphene (FLG).