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Defra _200Aitken, R.J.; Hankin, S.M.; Tran, C.L.; Donaldson, K.; Stone, V.; Cumpson, P.; Johnstone, J.; Chaudhry, Q. & Cash, S. (2007)

DEFRA Report CB01099

The REFNANO (Reference materials for engineered nanoparticle toxicology and metrology) project sought to provide a priority list of candidates for inclusion in a set of reference materials to support measurement, toxicology and risk assessment of engineered nanoparticles in the UK. In addition, the project identified a series of requirements for the further development and promulgation of reference materials for nanoparticles.

The final REFNANO report is available to download here.

Did you know?

22 is the number of EU Framework Programme projects involving SAFENANO.