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It is becoming a pre-requisite in many R&D opportunities such as those in Horizon 2020 for health and safety measures to seamlessly accompany the innovation projects focussed on the development of industrial applications.

For proposals to succeed, you must show due consideration of the risks and benefits to ensure the safety of the proposed developments for the full product life cycle, from production, through use, to disposal and recycling.  This can be achieved through a Safety Workpackage in your proposal.

We have extensive experience concerning the potential risks from particles and fibres. Our approach combines expertise and state-of-art techniques to identify and characterise exposure scenarios, conduct toxicity evaluations and undertake risk assessments to identify, characterise and estimate the relative safety of nanoparticles.  Our authoritative, multidisciplinary activities help industry and other organisations identify and address any likely health hazards and risks from chemical exposures in their workplaces and products.

What we can provide in a Safety Workpackage which incorporates as necessary:
  • Nanosafety assessments across the life cycle stages
  • Workplace exposure measurements using state-of-the-art instruments
  • Research into exposure by inhalation, skin contact and ingestion and their impacts on health
  • Exposure modelling (workplace consumer and/or community exposure)
  • Laboratory simulation of particle release
  • Toxicity reviews
  • In vitro toxicity testing
  • Prediction of health impacts and advice following accidental exposures to hazardous substances
  • Risk assessment (workplace, consumer and/or environmental exposure to chemicals)
  • Advice and validation of risk management measures
  • Development of appropriate occupational exposure limits
  • Strategy and policy advice
  • Advice on regulatory compliance
Partnering with SAFENANO brings state-of-the-art capabilities and expertise to your projects and access to a network of industry and academic stakeholders setting and addressing the agenda for the health, safety and environmental issues raised by nanotechnology.

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22 is the number of EU Framework Programme projects involving SAFENANO.