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Working in collaboration to address nanotechnology health and safety

As with all emerging technologies, there are uncertainties in our understanding of the potential risks to health and the environment posed by nanomaterials.  A responsible approach to nanosafety is essential, to ensure the sustainability of nanotechnology.   There is clear need and benefit to researchers, workers and stakeholders for health and safety measures to seamlessly accompany the development of nanotechnology processes and products.  

Our research and partnership in projects provides this by showing due consideration of the risks and benefits to ensure the safety of nanotechnology across the full product life cycle, from production, through use, to disposal and recycling. SAFENANO Research brings together our team’s multidisciplinary expertise in collaborative work with industry and other organisations in order to help identify and address any likely health hazards and risks from nanotechnologies.

Our research encompasses the development, evaluation and dissemination of new knowledge about toxicology, exposure and risk as well as application of that emerging knowledge though targeted EHS workpackages in innovation led materials, process or application development projects.

Our expertise

Multidisciplinary expertise in hazard assessment, exposure, toxicology, occupational hygiene and risk assessment to provide independent, authoritative consultancy on risk and safety

Collaborate with us

Collaborate with the SAFENANO team for research and consulting opportunities.

Current projects

Information on on-going projects where we provide knowledge and expertise regarding nanosafety.

Focus areas

Sector-specific overview of our work providing industry and other stakeholders with core knowledge and practical advice on workplace and product safety issues.

Nanosafety and risk assessment

Details of our research work developing fundamental knowledge regarding the hazard, exposure and risks of nanomaterials.

Consultancy and reviews

Projects and research reviews on nanotechnology safety, risk and governance funded by governmental departments, industry councils, and standardisation bodies.

Did you know?

2018 is the REACH registration deadline for substances manufactured or imported at > 1 tonne/annum.