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Danish EPA publish series of nanosafety reports

Date: 05/1/2016

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published several new reports in the field of nanotechnology health and safety arising from an extensive programme of research. These include the following publications:

  • Environmental Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials (Environmental project no. 1787, 2015).  This report presents ecotoxicological data and Predicted No-Effect Concentrations (PNECs) for nine selected nanomaterials which are considered to be environmentally relevant due to high usage or how they are used. These data will, together with data from other reports/projects, be used in an overall assessment of the environmental risk of nanomaterials in Denmark.

A full list of reports published by the Danish EPA is available on the Agency's website.

Source: Danish EPA

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4 µm is the median aerodynamic diameter of particles that fall within the respirable size range.