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Books on nanotechnology: latest publications

Date: 02/4/2019

Nanowerk News has published a list of some of the latest books on nanotechnology topics. These include the following publications. More information on each of the publications can be found on the Nanowerk website:

  • Nanotube Superfiber Materials: Science, Manufacturing, Commercialization provides a good understanding of the Surface to volume ratio and its effects in the properties associated with nanostructures.
  • Nanofood and Internet of Nano Things: For the Next Generation of Agriculture and Food Sciences assesses the current challenges and opportunities for the next generation of agriculture and food science.
  • Handbook of Carbon Nanomaterials (Volumes 9-10) – This volume is a tribute to the career of Prof. Mildred Dresselhaus.
  • Nanotechnology: Therapeutic, Nutraceutical, and Cosmetic Advances discusses recent advances in the field, particularly with therapeutics, nutraceuticals and cosmetic sciences.
  • Phase Change Materials (PCMs) can store and release heat, while they are changing phase. This book aims to review the synthesis and properties of a variety of functional organic and inorganic phase change material systems developed in the recent years for advanced applications.
  • Nanoarchitectonics in Biomedicine describes this new area of nanoscience that has emerged as a major branch of nanoscience.
  • Advanced Nanomaterials for Solar Cells and Light Emitting Diodes discusses the importance of nanomaterials as the active layers in solar cells and light emitting diodes (LEDs), along with the progress of nanomaterials as the electron and hole transporting layers.

Source: Nanowerk News

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