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NanoScientific Forum Europe 2018

–  12 October 2018
Date: 10 October 2018
Time: 08:00

The NanoScientific Forum Europe (NSFE 2018) is being hosted at TU Freiberg on the 10-12 October 2018, and is now available to attend via live stream.

To view the NSFE program visit the conference website and to attend the livestream register directly at the Virtual Conference Center.

This open AFM User Meeting offers insight into the development and implementation of Atomic Force Microscope techniques in both materials and life science disciplines. NSFE will include lectures and hands-on-sessions in nanomechanics & electrical characterisation, SPM & biological applications, nanostructuring, AFM methodology, and a session focused on nanobubbles.

The NanoScientific Forum Europe special session Nanobubbles highlights engineering processes like melt filtration, which is a part of the flagship project of TU Freiberg and Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.

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Did you know?

0.335 nm is the theoretical thickness of graphene.