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Upcoming events in the nano-EHS field

Listed here are key events for the nanotechnology environment, health and safety field.

If you are organising an event that you would like to see listed, please contact us.

  • ICANM 2019

    Date: 12/08/2019 –  14/08/2018

    The 7th International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials (ICANM2019) will take place from August 12 to 14 in Montreal, Canada.

    The conference covers a number of top... View Details

  • ICEENN 2019

    Date: 01/09/2019 –  04/09/2019

    The 14th International Conference on Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials - ICEENN 2019 will be held in Vienna, Austria, 1-4 September 20... View Details

  • NNI Webinar on Respiratory Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials in Relation to Physicochemical Properties

    Date: 10/09/2019 –  10/09/2019

    The National Nanotechnology Initiative’s (NNI) will hold a webinar on September 10, 2019 on “Respiratory Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials in Relation to Physicochemical Properties.”

    Regis... View Details

  • World of Nanoparticles

    Date: 10/09/2019 –  10/09/2019

    TSI, worldwide industry leader and manufacturer of nanoparticle solutions, and Stölzle-Oberglas, Gold Sales Partner for TSI particle instruments, are hosting an exclusi... View Details

  • Eurotox 2019

    Date: 08/09/2019 –  11/09/2019

    EUROTOX2019 will take place in Helsinki, Finland from 8 to 11 September. The congress will offer a change to tackle with the burning chemical safety challenges of the n... View Details

  • IPTC 2019

    Date: 11/09/2019 –  13/09/2019

    The 12th International Particle Toxicology Conference will take place in Salzburg, Austria on 11th September 2019.

    The IPTC series o... View Details

  • NANOMAT 2019

    Date: 11/09/2019 –  13/09/2019

    The International Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices Conference 2019 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 11th September 2019.

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    Date: 16/10/2019 –  18/10/2019

    The NANOCON conference will take place in Brno, Czech Republic on 16 – 18 October, 2019.

    The topics covered will include:

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Did you know?

MWCNT-7 is classified by IARC as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ (Group 2B).