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Feature Articles

SAFENANO Feature Articles 

SAFENANO's Feature articles are written by both SAFENANO team members and invited experts, and provide insight into key and emerging issues across the breadth of nanotechnology EHS research. Please follow the link below to read our latest feature article, or browse our Feature Article Archive to access previous feature articles published over the last few years. 

Latest Feature Article

Development of options for changing REACH requirements for nanomaterials and assessment of their consequences for industry, consumer human health and the environment

Karin Aschberger, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Institute for Human and Consumer Protection

In our latest Feature Article, Karin Aschberger - Scientific Officer at the European Commission Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP), Joint Research Centre (JRC) - discusses the work of the NANO Support Project in developing options for changing the requirements of the E.U. REACH Regulation for nanomaterials and assessing the consequences of these options for industry, consumer human health and the environment.

Previous Feature Articles

Provided below is a selection of previously published feature articles from the Safenano team and invited contributors.

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22 is the number of EU Framework Programme projects involving SAFENANO.