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British Standards Institution

BSI_200-150UK standardisation in the emerging field of nanotechnologies is the responsibility of the BSI Technical Committee NTI/1. This technical committee (TC) was established in June 2004 and has the following Terms of Reference:

  • to mirror the work of ISO/TC 229 "Nanotechnologies", IEC/TC 113 "Nanotechnology standardisation for electrical and electronic products and systems" and CEN/TC 352 "Nanotechnologies";
  • to formulate a UK strategy for standardization in nanotechnologies through a broad consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • to ensure the UK view is given due consideration within the European Union, CEN, ISO and IEC;
  • to develop and support formal standards and other standardization documents in the area of nanotechnologies and to promote their use by industry and other stakeholders;
  • to ensure due consideration of the need for standards and standardization is given by UK nanotechnology networks and organisations, and to coordinate activities and actions in this area.
A range of documents have been published by BSI and are available for free download, including:

Terminology, Definitions & Classification


Exposure Assessment & Control

Safety & Risk Management Practices

Further documents are under development, which will be published on the BSI website in due course.

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