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Lifecycle Assessment

Lifecycle assessment reading list

The following reading list details what we consider to be some of the most informative papers and reports available relating to the lifecycle assessment of nanomaterials.  

This list is reviewed and updated regularly to capture the most recent scientific literature.

Key papers

Life cycle assessment of engineered nanomaterials: state of the art and strategies to overcome existing gaps.
   Hischier R, Walser T. (2012). Science of the Total Environment; 425: 271-282.
   View abstract. 

Analysis of current research addressing complementary use of life-cycle assessment and risk assessment for engineered nanomaterials: have lessons been learned from previous experience with chemicals?
   Grieger KD, Laurent A, Miseljic M, et al. (2012). Journal of Nanoparticle Research; 14: 958.
   View abstract. 

Global life cycle releases of engineered nanomaterials. 
   Keller AA, McFerran S, Lazareva A, et al. (2013). Journal of Nanoparticle Research; 15: 1692.
   View abstract. 

Life cycle assessment at nanoscale: review and recommendations.
   Gavankar S, Suh S, Keller AF. (2012). The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment; 17(3): 295-303.
   View abstract. 

Life-cycle assessment of engineered nanomaterials: a literature review of assessment status.
   Miseljic M, Olsen SI. (2014). Journal of Nanoparticle Research; 16: 2427.
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Did you know?

1 second is the time resolution at which SAFENANO can characterise an aerosol emission.