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What do I need to do to determine if my material is classed as a “nanomaterial”?

Home FAQTo determine if a material is classed as a “nanomaterial” according to the EC recommendation on a definition (see above, EC 2011), physico-chemical characterisation of the material is required in order to obtain the number size-distribution information. This information can be obtained using laser light diffraction/ dynamic light scattering techniques to determine the percentage of particles within the sample that are below 100 nm. If 50% or more of the particles in the number size distribution have one or more external dimensions in the size range 1 – 100 nm, then the material is classed as a nanomaterial in accordance with the EC definition.

SAFENANO offers a range of particle characterisation services, including granulometry, in the context of the EU definition of nanomaterials. For further information, please visit our service page or contact us.

Did you know?

100 nm is the size below which the EU recommendation of the definition of nanomaterials applies.