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Is there a quantity threshold for nanomaterial registries & regulations?

Home FAQA number of countries (including France, Belgium and Denmark, at the time of writing) have introduced mandatory reporting schemes to gather available information on nanomaterials related to their production, properties and application. Under these schemes, manufacturers and importers of nanomaterials at a certain tonnage threshold must provide specific information on an annual basis to ensure compliance.

Both the French and Belgian mandatory reporting schemes require information to be provided from manufacturers and importers of nanomaterials in quantities of 100g or more per annum. The Danish reporting scheme mentions no such quantity threshold, and applies to all companies that manufacture or import mixtures or articles incorporating nanomaterials that are intended for sale to the Danish general public.

The European chemicals regulation ‘REACH’ requires a manufacturer or importer of any nanoscale substance, or a producer or importer of nanoscale substances contained in articles, in volumes of 1 tonne or more per year to register the substance and prepare a technical dossier. At the time of writing, no specific provisions have been made for nanomaterials within the REACH Regulation.

Did you know?

4 µm is the median aerodynamic diameter of particles that fall within the respirable size range.