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How can I find out what products contain nanomaterials?

Home FAQNanomaterials are being used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications across numerous sectors, including: automotive & aeronautics; agrifood; construction; energy; environment; health, medicine & nanobiotechnology; chemistry & materials; information & communications technology (ICT); security, and; textiles.  

It is not possible at this time to give a definitive list of the individual products available, as there isn’t a centrally compiled list and, in many countries, it is not currently required that companies disclose how they are using nanotechnology in their products.  Nevertheless, a number of nanotechnology-based consumer product inventories have been compiled, most notably the recently updated Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies’ (PEN) Consumer Products Database and its associated ‘FindNano’ iPhone app, the ANEC/BEUC inventory, NanoSuperMarket, and the Danish ‘Nanodatabase’. However, these databases identify products which are claimed to be "nano" by the producers or the retailers of the products and no independent validation of the “nano”-claim has been made.  

It is anticipated that further information on the presence of nanomaterials in products will develop with the emergence of mandatory labelling requirements and reporting schemes.

Did you know?

SAFENANO was established in 2006 as a Centre of Excellence in Nanosafety.