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Food Standards Australia and New Zealand

AUNZ_Food CodeAll food supplied in Australia and New Zealand must comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) and be safe for human consumption. Any new food substances that are manufactured using nanotechnologies that may present safety concerns will, as with any other substance, have to undergo a comprehensive scientific safety assessment under the appropriate Standard before they can be legally supplied in Australia and New Zealand.  An application must be submitted to FSANZ that meets the requirements set out in the FSANZ Application Handbook.

Using the best available scientific evidence, FSANZ states it has adopted a range of strategies to continually review and manage potential risks associated with nanotechnologies in foods to ensure the public are not exposed to any health or safety issues.  These strategies include:

  • amending the FSANZ Application Handbook to support new food regulations and ensure applicants provide all the necessary information to help FSANZ conduct a risk assessment;
  • advising the food industry about the amendments to the Application Handbook involving nanotechnology and asking industry for information about proposed nanotechnology applications;
  • engaging with other national regulatory agencies, industry and the public to outline FSANZ’s regulatory responses.

FSANZ states that it has not yet received any applications to approve new or novel nanoscale particles for food use.

Further information on FSANZ stance with regard to nanotechnology in food products is available on its website.

Did you know?

4 µm is the median aerodynamic diameter of particles that fall within the respirable size range.