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OECD 2010: Compilation of nanomaterial exposure mitigation guidelines relating to laboratories

OECD_200This document, published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), provides an overview of recently published guidelines regarding the usage of nanomaterials at a laboratory scale. It is a compilation of exposure mitigation guidelines relating to laboratories that handle nanomaterials but is also applicable for small industrial enterprises, which produce or process nanomaterials in a laboratory scale.

The report focuses on both pointing out publications of primary importance and representing a general overview of the international spectrum of publications in that topic. The compilation of guidelines is structured according to typical concepts of occupational safety.  These concepts include:

  • the precautionary approach,
  • risk assessment,
  • categorisation,
  • safer manufacturing¬† approaches,
  • technical measures,
  • organisational measures,
  • personal protective equipment,
  • medical surveillance,
  • transport,
  • waste disposal, and
  • documentation.

Resources included within the compilation are further categorised according to whether they are:

  • specific nanomaterial guidelines relating to laboratories;
  • general nanomaterial guidelines with regards/applicable to laboratories, or;
  • general laboratory guidelines with regards/applicable to nanomaterial.

The full document can be downloaded here.

Did you know?

0.335 nm is the theoretical thickness of graphene.