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ISO 2008: Health and safety practices in occupational settings relevant to nanotechnologies

ISO_200This Technical Report from the ISO Working group TC229, describes health and safety practices in occupational settings relevant to nanotechnologies. It focuses on manufacture and use of engineered nanomaterials. It does not address health and safety issues or practices associated with nanomaterials generated by natural processes, hot processes and other standard operations which unintentionally generate nanomaterials, or potential consumer exposures or uses, though some of the information within might be relevant to those areas.

The report is describes current knowledge about nanotechnologies, including characterisation, health effects, exposure assessment, and control practices. Use of the information in this Technical Report is intended to help companies, researchers, workers and other people to prevent adverse health and safety consequences during the production, handling, use and disposal of manufactured nanomaterials. This advice is broadly applicable across a range of nanomaterials and applications.

The full document can be accessed through the ISO website.

Did you know?

1 second is the time resolution at which SAFENANO can characterise an aerosol emission.