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BSI 2012: Disposal of manufacturing process waste containing nano-objects


This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) provides guidance on the safe disposal of manufacturing process waste containing unbound manufactured and/or engineered nano-objects, including agglomerates and aggregates of the same.

The guidance provided includes good practice for maintaining substance identity of nano-objects in manufacturing processes and associated waste, consideration of nano-object component recovery prior to waste disposal, guidance on appropriate disposal routes, on the preparation of waste materials for transfer to a waste disposal company, and on the information that should be provided to those involved in the disposal of the waste. The document includes a decision tree to assist users in applying its recommendations.

This PAS is intended for use by companies involved in the production, handling or distribution of manufactured and/or engineered nano-objects, those incorporating manufactured and/or engineered nano-objects into products, and those involved in the disposal of relevant waste. It might also be of value to research and development laboratories involved in the preparation, development, use or handling of manufactured or engineered nano-objects, as well as those organisations involved in the regulation and/or monitoring of waste and waste disposal.

The full document is available from the BSI website

Did you know?

0.335 nm is the theoretical thickness of graphene.