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CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000

DuPont Case Studies

DupontDuPont conducted three demonstration projects in order to evaluate the comprehensiveness, practicality, and flexibility of the Nano Risk Framework.

The three nanomaterials considered - namely DuPont™ Light Stabilizer 210 (a surface-treated high-rutile phase titanium dioxide), carbon nanotubes, and nano-sized zero-valent iron (nano-Fe0) - differ in terms of composition, structure, intended application, stage of development, and DuPont's role in the development, evaluation, or potential use of the material.  

Summaries of the case studies and output worksheets were published in 2011 amd are available to access here.

Did you know?

22 is the number of EU Framework Programme projects involving SAFENANO.