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Van Duuren-Stuurman 2012: Stoffenmanager Nano

Stoffen Nano _200-150This paper describes Stoffenmanager Nano (version 1.0), a risk-banding tool developed for employers and employees to prioritise health risks occurring as a result of exposure to manufactured nano objects (MNOs) for a broad range of worker scenarios and to assist implementation of control measures to reduce exposure levels. In order to prioritise the health risks, the Stoffenmanager Nano combines the available hazard information of a substance with a qualitative estimate of potential for inhalation exposure.

The development of the Stoffenmanager Nano started with a review of the available literature on control banding. Input parameters for the hazard assessment of MNOs were selected based on the availability of these parameters in, for instance, Safety Data Sheets or product information sheets. The conceptual exposure model described by Schneider et al. (2011) was used as the starting point for exposure banding. During the development of the Stoffenmanager Nano tool, the precautionary principle was applied to deal with the uncertainty regarding hazard and exposure assessment of MNOs.

Subsequently, the model was converted into an online tool, tested, and reviewed by a number of companies.

Did you know?

4 µm is the median aerodynamic diameter of particles that fall within the respirable size range.