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Paik 2008: Application of a pilot control banding tool for risk assessment and control of nanoparticle exposures

Annals Occ H_200-150Within this paper, the application of a pilot CB “Nanotool” for risk level assessment and control of nanoparticle exposures is described.  The tool provides a structured approach towards determining the severity and probability scores. Severity is calculated based on points assigned for various physico-chemical parameters and toxicity endpoints. Probability is determined from points assigned for estimated amount of nanomaterial used during task, dustiness/mistiness, number of employees with similar exposure, frequency of operation, and duration of operation.

The efficacy of this CB Nanotool was evaluated by Zalk et al. (2009). The authors considered the CB Nanotool to be consistent with what it was aiming to achieve, i.e. a consistent approach that would generally err on the safe side, in light of the uncertainty associated with the health effects related to nanomaterials. However they did identify that in 10% of the scenarios tested using the tool, control was not as high as would have been recommended by an expert industrial hygienist.

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