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ANSES 2010: Development of a specific control banding tool for nanomaterials

ANSESWithin this report (in French), which was published by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (Anses) in December 2010, a control banding (CB) method for graduated control of risks associated with nanomaterials is presented. It takes into account the conditions associated with nanomaterial manufacture, use and disposal in order to help to ensure that the resulting control band is relevant to the real-world context of usage.  

This is intended as an operational CB approach for small to large enterprises using a hazard classification that is based on few, very fundamental physicochemical and toxicological properties of nanomaterials. It is designed to allow taking into account existing hazard data and the process the material will endure to assess an emission potential, and it enables an easy integration of new data expected to be generated over the coming years. Classifying manufactured nanomaterials in these hazard bands will ultimately provide producers and users of these substances with input data for risk management according to control levels.

Development of the tool is further described in a journal article by Riediker et al. (2012).

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