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BSI (2013) Code of Practice for Delivering Effective Governance of Organizations

BSI_200As a point of reference for the requirements of organisational governance, British Standard 13500:2013 provides clarity on the fundamental requirements for delivering effective governance of organisational performance, albeit not specifically for emerging technologies.   The code of practice provides details on the important principles that lie behind much sector-specific guidance by distinguishing different accountabilities to different stakeholders and offers a baseline for all organizations, including those for which sector-specific standards might not exist.  This includes a self-assessment checklist which identifies the main steps that organisations should follow in implementing a governance system and principles, covering:

  • Governance system;
  • Governance accountability;
  • Governance direction;
  • Governance control.

Accompanying the code of practice, is an introductory guide and four case studies to illustrate the benefits of BS 13500 in action.