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CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000

What our customers and partners have to say

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“We have worked with SAFENANO over many years and have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and competent in providing advice and analytical expertise in the Nanomaterials field. Steve Hankin and his team are very experienced and provide a world class service in this area.”

John MacKenzie, Regulatory Affairs Manager
Andy Goodwin, Commercial Director – Advanced Materials Division
Thomas Swan & Co Ltd

“With nanotechnology being an important enabler for the chemical industry, SAFENANO’s recent foresight study on nanotechnology governance awarded through Cefic’s LRI Programme is helping the industry ensure the long-established philosophy of Responsible Care is fit for purpose for nano- and other emerging technologies.”  

Dr Bruno Hubesch, Programme Consultant, Cefic-LRI

“I have known and worked with the folks at SAFENANO since its establishment in 2006 and valued their advice while working in an SME in relation to the safe development, manufacture and use of nano based products. More recently, I have also appreciated their support in promoting best practices for effective risk management related to nanomaterials. They are a pleasure to work with and are the “go to people” for advice on dealing with nanomaterials in the real world.”

Dr Barry Park, Former Chief Executive, Oxonica

“Naneum has worked with SAFENANO on a number of successful projects developing innovative technologies relevant to the safe use of nanomaterials. SAFENANO are true experts in the field and their help, advice and ability to test technologies in relevant environments has proven invaluable. As well as being highly professional, the team is great to work with- always positive and supportive.”

Dr Robert Muir, Chief Executive, Naneum

“The IOM can be proud of the contribution SAFENANO has made to the research community and in supporting industry and regulators alike understand and address the breadth of risk issues that arose with nanotechnology. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with SAFENANO on numerous projects whose outputs have been instrumental in helping shape our understanding and approach to assessing hazards with nanomaterials and dispelling some of the uncertainties.”

Professor Ken Donaldson, Emeritus Professor of Respiratory Toxicology, University of Edinburgh

“Ten years ago, SAFENANO began breaking new ground by making emerging understanding on nanomaterial safety accessible to people and companies who needed it.  It was one of the few outfits that provided practical advice amidst considerable uncertainty - as well as chipping away at that uncertainty.  The fact that, a decade on, SAFENANO has matured into what it is now, is a testament to the solidity of those early foundations, and the vision that has driven the initiative’s impressive achievements.”

Andrew D. Maynard
Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University