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CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000



SAFENANO - Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology Safety

Established as a Centre of Excellence in Nanosafety in 2006 at the UK’s Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), SAFENANO provides industry, academia and governments with independent authoritative expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to enable effective risk management.

We bring together multidisciplinary expertise in hazard assessment, exposure, toxicology, occupational hygiene and risk assessment, facilitating the responsible development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products by making use of an integrated approach combining research, review activities, expert opinion and best practice training.

These services are supported by a free-to-access Knowledge Base, focusing on interpreting and transferring the emerging scientific evidence about the potential risks to health and the environment arising from the development and use of nanotechnology.

Effective risk management protects your business and gives you confidence in developing and realising the potential of nanotechnology by:
  • maintaining investor, workforce and consumer trust;
  • guarding against potential future liabilities and prosecution;
  • protecting your reputation and brand.  
With global coverage from our UK and Singapore offices, IOM has unrivalled expertise and capability in risk management designed to support research, regulation, and commercialisation of nanotechnology.  With unparalleled expertise, facilities and services, there is no one better placed to help you manage the increasingly complex risk presented to your business.

Did you know?

MWCNT-7 is classified by IARC as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ (Group 2B).