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CALL US ON: +44 (0) 131 449 8000


Up-scaled Production of Graphene Reinforced Thermosetting Polymers


PolyGraph is a four-year FP7 project which commenced on the 1st November 2013.

The concept of PolyGraph is to develop new production techniques which will deliver industrial-scale quantities of graphene-reinforced thermosetting polymers. These materials will be suitable for use in a number of key applications where improvements are required in the strength, stiffness, toughness, electrical conductivity and thermal and barrier properties of polymers, such as fibre-reinforced composite resins, coatings and adhesives.

SAFENANO leads the health and environmental impact assessment work package, involving detailed characterisation and assessment of the potential risks presented by materials and processes developed throughout the duration of the project.

For further information on PolyGraph, please visit the project website or contact us.

Did you know?

1 second is the time resolution at which SAFENANO can characterise an aerosol emission.