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NIOSH report highlighting second decade of research agenda includes nano developments

Date: 18/8/2017

The National Institute of Occupational Safety (NIOSH) has published a report entitled “National Occupational Research Agenda: Second Decade in Review | 2006-2016” which reviews the contributions of the decade toward improving the occupational safety and health of workers and transferring new knowledge into practice.

The Nanotechnology Programme, one of twenty-one cross-sector programmes included in the report, “conducts research and promotes adoption of approaches to reduce adverse effects of exposures to materials containing structures with a length scale below 100 nanometres.”

In addition to the main report, NIOSH have also published the Sector and Cross-Sector Programme Supplement. The mission of the NIOSH Nanotechnology Cross-Sector Programme is to provide national and international leadership in investigating the implications of nanoparticles and nanomaterials for work-related injury and illness, and to explore their potential applications in occupational safety and health.

The Nanotechnology Research Centre (NTRC) developed an effective programme of research resulting in a better understanding of the hazards of nanomaterials; methods to evaluate potential areas for worker exposures; guidance on hazard evaluation and risk assessment, including Recommended Exposure Limits; a framework for human health evaluation; guidance on engineering control strategies to minimise exposures; and general risk management guidance that ensures worker protection and promotes responsible development of nanotechnology.

The report states that onsite evaluations of nano-manufacturing process investigations allowed NIOSH to measure worker exposures and develop recommendations for techniques to control and mitigate exposures.  Key outcomes include actions from companies that have modified engineering controls, work practices, and in-house Recommended Exposure Limits.

Source: NIOSH via Bergeson & Campbell P.C.

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0.335 nm is the theoretical thickness of graphene.