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NANoREG harmonised terminology for environmental health and safety assessment of nanomaterials

Date: 12/4/2016

Several terms in the field of environmental health and safety (EHS) assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials have been defined or used by the scientific community and different organisations, including international bodies, European authorities, and industry associations. This is also true for multidisciplinary projects such as NANoREG, which aims at supporting regulatory authorities and industry in dealing with EHS issues of manufactured nanomaterials.

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a new technical report describing the harmonised terminology that has been developed and used within the NANoREG project. The report specifically includes the:

  1. methodology used to select key terms that form the harmonised terminology and to develop harmonised definitions;
  2. existing literature definitions that have been used as a starting point to develop for each key term a harmonised definition; and
  3. reason(s) behind the choices that have been made in drafting a definition.

As far as possible, the harmonised definition is reproducing (an) already existing definition text(s), thus avoiding the creation of new and unwelcome information. The discussion on the key terms to be considered for the harmonised terminology led to the selection of 43 key terms. The list includes terms with international regulatory relevance, such as those defined at OECD level, as well as terms that have a specific meaning and use under REACH.

The 'NANoREG Harmonised Terminology' has already proven very useful in the context of the OECD work, as a supporting document to the April 2016 OECD Expert Meeting on 'Grouping and read-across for the hazard assessment of manufactured nanomaterials', and in a regulatory context, as a supporting document to the work recently released by RIVM, ECHA and JRC on using (eco)toxicological data for bridging data gaps between nanoforms of the same substance.

Click here to access the JRC report.

Source: EC JRC

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