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JRC publish NanoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials

Date: 16/5/2017

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published a Science for Policy Report on the 'NANoREG framework for the safety assessment of nanomaterials'.

The comprehensive report is an output from collaborative work undertaken within the NANoREG project "A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials", funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme.

The NANoREG framework represents the project's proposal for a common understanding in the field of environmental health and safety (EHS) assessment of nanomaterials (NMs) under the current European regulatory framework, with focus on the REACH Regulation 1907/2006. It is at the same time a contribution to the on-going debate on the need to facilitate the implementation of REACH for NMs.

The framework elaborates the further development, testing and validation of three forward-looking strategies on EHS of NMs, such as Safe-by-Design, Life Cycle Assessment, and a Nanospecific approach to Prioritisation and Risk Assessment. The NANoREG partners, including JRC, believe that the proposed framework will be useful for scientific experts and stakeholders, such as regulatory authorities and industry.

This report contributed to the discussion paper prepared for the ProSafe & OECD Joint Conference held in Paris from the 30th November to the 2nd December 2016. This report is contributing to the development of the ProSafe Task Force White Paper scheduled for release in May 2017.

Click here to access the JRC NANoREG report.

NANoREG closed in February 2017 but all project results, including experimental data, SOPs etc will be made available through the project repository.

Source: NIA

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SAFENANO was established in 2006 as a Centre of Excellence in Nanosafety.