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ISO publish plain language explanation of key nanotechnology terms

Date: 12/6/2017

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published a new technical report (ISO/TR 18401:2017) providing a plain language explanation of selected terms from the ISO/IEC 80004 series.

The increasing use of nanomaterials in industry and society means that their utility, risks and benefits throughout their life-cycle are important topics for discussion.

ISO/TR 18401:2017 is intended to assist stakeholders who are making decisions about the direction, management and application of nanotechnologies to better understand selected key nanotechnology terms and definitions.

The specific aim of the report is to:

  1. promote consistent usage and reduce misinterpretation of terms among users; and
  2. facilitate communication and understanding in developing or commercialising applications of nanotechnologies.

Explanations and examples are chosen to underpin the selected terms published in the ISO/IEC 80004 vocabulary series.

A preview of the report is available via the ISO Online Browsing Platform.

Source: ISO

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