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EPA announces final SNUR for bimodal mixture consisting of MWCNTs and other classes of CNTs

Date: 05/10/2017

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced a final significant new use rule (SNUR) under Section 5(a)(2) of the Toxic Substances Act (TSCA) for the chemical substance identified generically as bimodal mixture consisting of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) and other classes of carbon nanotubes (CNT), which was the subject of pre-manufacture notice (PMN) P-11-482.

This SNUR requires persons who intend to manufacture (defined by statute to include import) or process the chemical substance for a use that is designated as a significant new use by this final rule to notify EPA at least 90 days before commencing that activity.  Manufacture and processing for the significant new use is unable to commence until EPA has conducted a review of the notice, made an appropriate determination on the notice, and taken such actions as are required with that determination.

Based on test data on analogous respirable, poorly soluble particulates and nanocarbon materials, EPA identified concerns for pulmonary toxicity and oncogenicity.  Based on test data for other nanocarbon materials, EPA identified concerns for environmental toxicity.

Source: Federal Register via Bergeson & Campbell P. C.

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Did you know?

MWCNT-7 is classified by IARC as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’ (Group 2B).