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Concerns around industry misinterpreting REACH dossier update regulations

Date: 14/7/2017

In an annual exchange of views with the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment (ENVI), Geert Dancet, ECHA’s Executive Director, has said that industry is wrongly interpreting Article 22 of REACH concerning updates to registration dossiers.

Mr Dancet has concerns that after registration of a substance, companies are not considering the nine provisions for which the dossier needs updating and has said that it should be normal for companies to update their dossiers at least every five to ten years.

A recent survey has found that the REACH 2018 deadline for registration has potentially overshadowed Article 22, which states that registrants must update their dossiers “without undue delay” but are responsible for “his own initiative”.

With regards to nanomaterials, Mr Dancet calls for more reliable information when it comes to submitting data for nanoforms of substances. This comes after ECHA made a decision not to create an EU Nano register, but last month launched the EU Observatory for Nanomaterials instead.

Source: Chemical Watch

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