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CEINT seeks comments on proposed ISA-TAB-nano templates

Date: 04/7/2017

The Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) seeks comments on the NANoREG-proposed ISA-TAB-nano templates. 

According to CEINT, the ISA-TAB-nano file sharing format, developed under the National Cancer Informatics Program Nanotechnology Working Group (NCIP NanoWG), is an accepted ASTM standard (ASTM International E2909-13).

In 2016, the European Union NANoREG project adopted and adapted the ISA-TAB-nano format to organise consistently the results of their network of researchers.  According to CEINT, to create the templates, NANoREG followed the logic of the original ISA-TAB-nano formatting, but drew upon relevant existing ontologies and extended it to incorporate additional endpoints and methods not addressed in the original standard. CEINT is working with researchers at Oregon State University and the NCIP NanoWG to update and extend the ISA-TAB-nano templates.

CEINT seeks comments on the following proposed templates:

  • Physical-chemical characterisations comment forms;
  • In vivo mammalian toxicity comment forms;
  • In vitro mammalian toxicity comment forms; and
  • General feedback regarding expanded (nonstandard) ISA-TAB-nano templates.

Comments are due 1st August, 2017.

To read more about the NANoREG project visit our previous article, including links to publically available deliverable reports and project repository.

Source: CEINT via Bergeson & Campbell P.C.

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Did you know?

100 nm is the size below which the EU recommendation of the definition of nanomaterials applies.