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SAFENANO In the Know 

SAFENANO's In the Know provides succinct highlights, opinion and advice compiled from our review of key papers of value to nanotechnology safety.  Digests will cover a breadth of topics, including substance-specific emerging evidence, physico-chemical / effect relationships, in vitro – in vivo nanotoxicology correlations, and developments in managing nanotechnology risk.  

Follow the link below to read our latest In the Know Article, or browse the archive to access previous In the Know articles published over the last few years.

Latest In the Know Article

Functional Surfaces _ITK_200-133

In the Know... functional surfaces: anti-microbial materials

Our latest In the Know article focuses on the design and development of a new generation of high-performance and multi-functional anti-microbial nanocomposites and coatings.  


Previous In the Know Articles

Provided below are some previous In the Know articles prepared by the SAFENANO team.

Did you know?

0.335 nm is the theoretical thickness of graphene.