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Upcoming events in the nano-EHS field

Listed here are key events for the nanotechnology environment, health and safety field.

If you are organising an event that you would like to see listed, please contact us.

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  • TANN 2017

    Date: 23/08/2017 –  25/08/2017

    The International Conference of Theoretical and Applied Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (TANN '17) is to be held on 23rd - 25th August 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

    The event aims to cover a wide ... View Details

  • 19th Nano Congress for the Next Generation

    Date: 31/08/2017 –  01/09/2017

    The 19th Nano Congress for the Next Generation will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 31st August - 1st September. The event is organised by Conferenceseries LLC and will be running with the them... View Details

  • Graphene Commercialisation from Prototypes to Products

    Date: 04/09/2017 –  05/09/2017

    Cranfield University is holding a two day conference on “Graphene Commercialisation from Prototypes to Products” on the 4th – 5th of September 2017.

    They are inviting companies, institut... View Details

  • Inhaled Particles XII

    Date: 25/09/2017 –  27/09/2017

    The Inhaled Particles Conference will be held in Glasgow on the 25th – 27th September 2017.

    The event focuses on the health impact of particle inhalation, including particles such as ai... View Details

  • ICONAN 2017

    Date: 25/09/2017 –  27/09/2017

    The annual International Conference on Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology will take place in Barcelona, Spain on the 25 - 27th September 2017.

    The event offers an opportunity to hear ab... View Details

  • Industrial Nanocomposites Conference

    Date: 10/10/2017 –  11/10/2017

    INC 2017 will take place at the Maritim Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany on 10-11th October 2017.

    The conference will focus on the current and emerging applications of polymer nanocomposites; defin... View Details

  • Nanosafety 2017

    Date: 11/10/2017 –  13/10/2017

    The Leibniz Institute for New Materials is hosting the Nanosafety 2017 conference in Saarland, Germany on 11th – 13th October 2017.

    Nanotechnologies are considered as key enabling technologi... View Details

  • ANNIC 2017

    Date: 18/10/2017 –  20/10/2017

    The Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference will be held on the 18th-20th October in Rome, Italy.

    The event provides an opportunity to be updated on the latest resear... View Details

  • 2nd NanoDefine Industry-focused Workshop

    Date: 24/10/2017 –  24/10/2017

    The European NanoDefine project is organising a second industry focused workshop on 24th October 2017 to be held at DECHEMA in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The main purpose of this workshop is to... View Details

  • NanoMONITOR 2nd Stakeholder’s Day

    Date: 24/10/2017 –  24/10/2017

    NanoMONITOR is organising its 2nd Stakeholder’s Day on the 24th October 2017 in Lancaster, UK.

    This workshop is a forum for nanotechnology industry, researchers and regulators to discuss... View Details

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