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Sheona Read: Chemical Risk & Regulatory Scientist, Lead Editor

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Sheona Read (MChem PgCert CSci MRSC) is a Chemical Risk & Regulatory Scientist for SAFENANO at the Institute of Occupational Medicine.  Having joined the IOM in 2008, Sheona provides scientific and technical expertise to a diverse range of research and consultancy projects, primarily focused on supporting industry, government and wider stakeholders in the responsible development, commercialisation and use of nanomaterials and other chemicals. With knowledge across a range of scientific disciplines, including chemical and product regulation, physico-chemical characterisation, occupational exposure and risk assessment, Sheona is an experienced desk-based researcher skilled in the development of evidence-based literature reviews, best practice safety guidance, exposure scenarios, risk appraisals and risk communication documents.

Sheona has been a contributing technical author to several major nanotechnology reports, including RIP-oN2 (Specific Advice on Fulfilling Information Requirements for Nanomaterials under REACH), RIP-oN3 (Specific Advice on Exposure Assessment and Hazard/Risk Characterisation for Nanomaterials under REACH), ENRHES (Engineered Nanoparticles – Review of Health and Environmental Safety), and NANEX (Development of Exposure Scenarios for Manufactured nanomaterials). She has also (co)authored two chapters published in the “Handbook of Nanosafety: Measurement, Exposure and Toxicology”, as well as numerous other publications.

Sheona currently leads technical tasks within the safety work packages of several projects funded under EU FP 7 and Horizon 2020, including PolyGraph, CO-PILOT, EIROS and OptiNanoPro, and manages a number of commercial projects focused on supporting industrial companies in meeting their regulatory obligations under REACH and other frameworks.  She is also Lead Editor of the SAFENANO website and was Coordinator of the IOM’s international asbestos proficiency testing scheme (AFRICA) from 2008 - 2017.