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The SAFENANO newsletter contains items and editorial on recent developments in the health, safety, toxicology and risk aspects of nanotechnology.

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December 2011
Summary of the latest news in the field of nanotechnology environment, health and safety issues from the period October - December 2011, as well as details of recent updates and additions to the SAFENANO site.


Recent News Articles
Workshop report on setting occupational exposure limits for engineered nanomaterials

The Nanotechnology Panel and George Washington University have recently published a report of a workshop on strategies for setting occupational exposure limits for engineered nanomaterials.

European NGOs publish position paper on the regulation of nanomaterials

A group of European NGOs have published a position paper on the regulation of nanomaterials at a meeting of the EU Competent Authorities.

DGUV launches interactive Nano-Platform on “Safe Handling of Nanomaterials“

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has launched an interactive educational platform on the safe handling of nanomaterials.

Novel method to measure quantity and risks of engineered nanomaterials delivered to cells

Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health have developed a novel technique to determine the quantity of nanomaterials in cell culture medium for in vitro toxicity testing.

Nanomedicine: new solutions or new problems?

Health Care Without Harm have published a new report which provides an overview of nanomedicine with particular emphasis on environmental and human health risks.

NanoDiode project launches survey to examine citizens’ views on nanotechnologies

European FP7 project ‘NanoDiode’ has launched an online survey to gather information on public preferences for nanotechnologies with a view to informing policy-making.

ECHA publish recommendations for nanomaterials under REACH

The European Chemicals Agency has published a best practice document for the exposure assessment and characterisation of nanomaterials under REACH.

Researchers study potential migration of nanoparticles from food packaging

A new study has been published which investigates the possibility of nanoparticle migration from packaging to food products.

German Environment Agency publish impact assessment of a European nano-product register

The German Federal Environment Agency has published an impact assessment of a European register of products containing nanomaterials.

EU NanoSafety Cluster invites contributions to NanoSafety Database Survey

The EU NanoSafety Cluster has launched an online survey to collect, organise and share up-to-date information about nanosafety-related databases worldwide.

Upcoming Events
The 7th International Nanotoxicology Congress, NANOTOX 2014, will be held on 23rd-26th April 2014 in Antalya, Turkey. The congress follows on from the series of international nanotoxicology meetings which include: 2010 Edinburgh and 2012 Beijing. The congress aims to create ...